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Tuesdays with Dorie—Week 4—Irish Soda Bread


Happy St. Patty's Day! (a little late...) This recipe was a major contrast from last time. The Rugelach recipe took several DAYS to make. This recipe took several minutes to whip up.  Yay! I made it on Saturday morning (St. Patrick's Day) and we had it with peach butter for breakfast.

This recipe is really simple. There're only four ingredients: flour, buttermilk, salt, and baking soda (of course.) It really doesn't even rate a step by step photo tutorial, but let's do it anyway. :)

So you mix up the dry ingredients in a bowl and make a well in the center. The recipe from the book calls for all white flour, but I substituted a cup of white-whole wheat flour. I know I pledged to follow the recipe to the letter, but I couldn't resist.

Add the buttermilk, and mix it up. Just until it comes together.

Pour it out onto the counter and knead it lightly, until it's a little smoother. It will still be pretty shaggy. It goes into a greased pie pan and into the oven.

It's a beautiful loaf of bread. It was great for breakfast. It was also okay toasted the next day, but it quickly turned into a doorstop (as promised by the recipe.) This recipe is quick and easy, but I'm not sure I'd make it again. It's a pretty austere little loaf. There are lots of other loaves out there.

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  1. Beautiful loaf! I also found it to be a nice change from the rugelach adventure :D

  2. I loved the ease of this recipe. Your bread looks great!

  3. Loved mine toasted the next day even when it started going a little stale. Great job!

  4. Your bread looks so pretty and I am envious of the lovely X that you were able to score into the top of your loaf.

  5. Great pictures! I wrapped mine with plastic wrap and managed to make it last for two days – it was still nice and soft inside, but the crust wasn’t the same…

  6. I think whole wheat doesn’t count as changing it up too much :-)
    Looks good.

  7. That loaf looks perfect. I want to try it with partly whole wheat. Would add to the rustic-ness of the bread. What I have left is still good – toasted and for sammys.

  8. It was quite a drastic change from rugelach, I quite enjoyed the ease of this recipe. Your loaf looks great.

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