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Tuesdays With Dorie—Summer Vegetable Tart


Three things happened within 24 hours: Kevin, #1 son, and I got back from a 7-day vacation (Sunday afternoon), I made this tart shell (Monday morning) and our air conditioning stopped working (Monday afternoon). Sigh. Luckily, we have a window unit, so we'll all be sleeping in our bedroom (except the cat who refuses to stay in the same room with the AC unit). Hopefully, my husband will have it working by tomorrow morning (or the repairman will return our phone call.)

IMG_2456But back to the Tart! This was really the perfect recipe for an AC emergency. Once the tart shell was baked, it didn't require any additional time in the oven. Yay! It really works out to five steps: clarify some butter, layer the phyllo in the tart pan, bake it, make the filling, dump the filling in the shell. And it's dinner time! I didn't build the prettiest shell in the world. I didn't get the neat triangles. Hopefully, other TWD'ers will have created nicer looking phyllo layers. I couldn't find this recipe on the web. Did anyone else have any luck finding it anyplace?

IMG_2448We don't like mushrooms, so I substituted diced zucchini (it doesn't get any more summery than zucchini). The goat cheese was a little more problematic. I LOVE goat cheese, but my husband and son won't touch the stuff. I knew we needed a flavorful cheese, so I used a smoked cheddar from Dorset (I don't think they can technically call it cheddar, since it's not made in the right area.) Either way, it was delicious!

IMG_2453I would make this again, no question. It was a perfect light summer meal. Which was good, since it was 87 degrees in our dining room (at least we had the ceiling fan on.) What did you guys think of the tart? Did you follow the recipe, or go your own way?

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  1. 87 degrees??? Ugh! Your tart looks picture perfect!
    Liz recently posted..Summer Vegetable Tart #TuesdayswithDorie

  2. I hope your air conditioning is working again. I loved how easy this tart was to make, perfect for summer. The zucchini is a great idea. Your tart looks so pretty and abundant. My husband also dislikes goat cheese, so I used feta.
    Judy recently posted..TWD & BWJ: Summer Vegetable Tart

  3. We used zucchini because I don’t like peppers :-)
    I agree – once the crust was done, this was pretty hot weather friendly. I like the cheddar addition.

    Stay cool!
    Cher recently posted..Not as difficult as it seems (Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Summer Vegetable Tart)

  4. Lovely looking tart! We loved it….it was a great accompaniment to our salmon. It’s pretty hot here, too! It was 97 on my deck a few hours ago. Time for a cool spell!
    Kathy recently posted..TWD~Summer Vegetable Tart

  5. Great looking tart! I loved this one too. It was so simple and a great light meal idea for the summer time.
    I was hoping to find a video with Julia and the chef to see how she made this, but no luck.
    SandraM recently posted..TWD-Summer Vegetable Tart

  6. Yes, it would have been nice to have a visual for this. The filling was very tasty, though I would prefer a typical tart/pie dough crust. Good to hear your a/c is up and running again!
    cathleen recently posted..TWD: Summer Vegetable Tart

  7. LOL – mine is the ugliest tart in the world, but it tasted good. Yours turned out great.
    Cakelaw recently posted..WWDH – Pork Dumplings

  8. Hi Cathy, it looks like your phyllo stayed in larger pieces than mine. Mine was more like a mummy wrapping! Cheddar sounds great! Gorgeous.
    Karen @ Karen’s Kitchen Stories recently posted..Summer Vegetable Tart | Tuesdays with Dorie

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