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Tuesdays With Dorie—Savarin


IMG_2277Don't let the pretty photo fool you. Today was not my day. A big project at work had one incorrect link, forcing us to reprint Module 10. (and it was my fault.) t's two weeks before convention and everybody is running late and trying to push projects through graphics before the final deadline. I got thirteen emails in one hour. I got up early to spend a half hour in the garden, only to find that the pole bean seeds I was going to plant had disappeared. (I never did find them. We bought more at lunchtime.) And I made the Savarin cake twice... and both times it fell after I unmolded it.


Let me explain. I don't have a Savarin mold, so I used my small bundt pan. It's a little bigger than a Savarin mold, so I was worried about the small amount of dough. After reading some people's comments on Tuesdayswithdorie.com, I decided to double the recipe. I followed the directions to the letter, but the first one was pale and collapsed. I figured that I either didn't bake it long enough or maybe let it rise too long. So I tried again...

IMG_2270This time I buttered four little molds to see if the Baba's would work better. I didn't let it rise as long. I baked the Baba's for 20 minutes and the Savarin for about 40(!) This Savarin was browner, but it fell, too. Maybe the cake just can't support its own weight. It was ugly, but I was hoping it would at least taste good. I made the syrup, soaked the big cake and the little ones, too. (I used the Baba au Rhum directions, but added some vanilla to the syrup.)

I served slices of the Savarin with whipped cream and berries. The little Baba's soaked in more liquid and we tried them plain. I drizzled some orange liqueur onto the adult's pieces. I wish I could report that they tasted better than they looked, but they didn't. My son thought the little cakes were "too wet." We all thought that the big cake was unpleasantly gummy and a little boring. My husband said, "I wish this were a pound cake." I had to agree.

I saw that other people had success with this recipe, so it was probably just me doing something wrong. I watched the video, but it sometimes seemed to contradict the written recipe. I looked at other Savarin recipes online, and this one seems to use more water than some. Who knows why mine went wrong? Maybe it just wasn't my day. How did yours turn out?


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  1. Yours interior looks just about like mine….I wasn’t wowed by it either. And it took me two attempts, too…the first wouldn’t come out of the mold!
    Liz recently posted..Savarin #TuesdayswithDorie

  2. Your photo does look pretty! Too bad both fell flat. But bravo for trying it twice!
    SandraM recently posted..TWD-Savarin

  3. I think the weight of the cake had something to do with it falling. I did not have that problem, but I used a savarin pan. I think that is why. I do like your fancy bundt mold. I bet that makes beautiful cakes.
    Marlise recently posted..TWD – Savarin

  4. Mine collapsed completely and I had a mold and didn’t double the recipe. I was thinking it was because I under baked, but I see you baked for a long time!
    Karen @ Karen’s Kitchen Stories recently posted..Chocolate Covered Cherry Almond Tarts | #chocolateparty

  5. Ouch, sounds like a rough day.
    If you didn’t share your flat version, no one would ever know.
    Cher recently posted..It doesn’t have to be complicated (Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Savarin)

  6. Ouch, sounds like a rough day.
    If you didn’t share your flat version, no one would ever know you had any issues.
    Hope things got better for you :-)
    Cher recently posted..It doesn’t have to be complicated (Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Savarin)

  7. Mine did not work out either, or maybe it did and I just disliked it so much, I thought it didn’t turn out. So flat! Who knows!?! God work in trying it twice; I gave up on one try!

  8. I did not get a lot of rise out my dough and did not have a savarin pan either. They turned out well, I was just put off by the odd texture the cake has.
    cathleen recently posted..TWD: Savarin with Cointreau Sabayon

  9. Oh nooo, sorry you had such a rough day…Hope it has improved by now.
    Did you find the beans in the end or have they disappeared “forever”?
    Sorry the Savarin wasn’t a success. Mine did not rose much as I had a far too big mold, but with orange and chocolate it was good.
    PS: …but you have wonderful vegetables growing in your garden: much more healthy :-)
    Ckay recently posted..LINZER AUGEN

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