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Tuesdays With Dorie—French Apple Tart


IMG_1803Let's say you just drove 355 miles from North Carolina to Maryland. What would you like to do next? Sleep? Veg out in front of the TV? No! You want to bake a French Apple Tart! Because it's Tuesday. And you have a blog! I started the dough at 7:00pm and the tart came out of the oven at 10:35pm.

It was delicious and beautiful. I served it with vanilla ice cream as a (nearly) midnight snack.

Thanks to our host this month: Laws of the Kitchen. You can visit the website to see the whole recipe. I followed the recipe exactly, except for the crust. Instead of using shortening for the dough, I used coconut oil. I think it turned out pretty good: flaky and relatively tender. I tried to use my stand mixer, but I had to switch to the food processor. Solid coconut oil is REALLY hard. I had to chip it out of the jar. I also used a little more water than the recipe called for.

I may make this again. The recipe really lets the apple flavor come through, but I'd like to try spicing the filling a little. I'd also like to try it with some different apples. We have access to some great heirloom varieties in the fall. What did you think of the apple tart?

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