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Tuesdays With Dorie — Espresso Profiteroles


IMG_2696This week's recipe was a luscious dessert with multiple components. Profiteroles are a choux pastry filled with ice cream and covered in chocolate sauce. Think of it as a messy eclair. If you want to try the choux recipe, it's here. We liked these at our house. As usual, #1 son wouldn't even taste them. He's the type that doesn't like a lot of different tastes and textures smooshed together. That's okay, more for us!

Some notes about this recipe:

  • Norman Love, the contributing baker, added brewed coffee and ground espresso beans to the pastry. It added a surprising amount of flavor to the puffs. It also dyed them an unfortunate shade of brown. Even so, it's a good idea that would be fun to experiment with. I could imagine adding apple juice to a puff, filling it with caramel ice cream and topping it with fried apples.
  • My piping technique needs work. About half of my puffs over-expanded and flopped over. It's a good thing that the recipe makes so many.IMG_2691
  • I didn't make the ice cream. Wegman's (love Wegman's!) has a really good cinnamon ice cream, so I bought a pint of that. I really liked the combination of cinnamon, espresso and chocolate.IMG_2694
  • The chocolate sauce was very thin when I first mixed it up, but after a few hours in the refrigerator it was too thick to pour. I had to microwave if for about 30 seconds. It's a good idea to store it in a microwave-safe container. It's also a good idea to eat it with a spoon. Yum!

I look forward to hearing about other people's adventures with choux pastry. Did you go for the cinnamon, espresso, chocolate combination? What did you think of these?


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  1. The chocolate sauce was delicious! Glad you enjoyed the profiteroles.
    smarkies recently posted..TWD: Espresso Profiteroles

  2. I was surprised by how thin the chocolate sauce was initially too. I considered drinking it like hot chocolate, but was glad it set up in the fridge. I’m glad you could taste the coffee here, I really wanted to. I like your apple cider idea. It sounds perfect for fall!
    jora recently posted..TWD Espresso Profiteroles

  3. Wow, artistic chocolate sauce! I actually didn’t follow the flavours but used pandan instead…
    saucy gander recently posted..Butter, flour, magic: profiteroles with pandan pastry cream and star anise chocolate

  4. I had issues with the dough – ended up scrapping them and going with a plain dough. Your apple version sound quite tasty!
    cathleen recently posted..TWD: [Not] Espresso Profiteroles

  5. I went with chocolate cream, the ice-cream melted in no time.. and then it was such a mess.. the choco cream was much neater!! I found the recipe pretty easy to follow..
    baker in disguise recently posted..Espresso Profiteroles

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