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Tuesdays with Dorie—Baked Yogurt Tart


Hi everyone! It's been a busy week. I don't have to write a more thorough post later, but here's the short version. I used blueberries, since I had a lot in the fridge. I liked the tart, though I changed it a little. I used Nick Malgeira's Pasta Frolla recipe (from the Pizza Rustica recipe) for the crust and added some lemon zest to complement the blueberries. It turned out pretty.

photoyogurt-tartOne quibble with the recipe: it says to bake until it is browned on top. That is way too long. The custard was overbaked. If I try it again, I'll bake it just until it seems set in the middle. Oh well. It really is tasty. I'm going to try it with different fruit as it becomes available. Cherries, plums, peaches and blackberries are just a few short weeks away!

What did you guys think of this?


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  1. Great idea to add the lemon zest I found the filling was a little bland without it plus the lemon would have gone beautifully with the blueberries.

  2. Your tart looks gorgeous. I also enjoyed this tart, although the berries I used were a bit too sour.
    Judy recently posted..TWD & BWJ: Baked Yogurt Tart

  3. it was nice with cherries and a little almond extract. mine took the full time to bake, but didn’t brown. I just took it out at that point because I could tell the filling was set anyway.
    steph (whisk/spoon) recently posted..Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Baked Yogurt Tart

  4. Beautifully done! I didn’t think it was anything special…but we all enjoyed a slice :)
    Liz recently posted..Baked Yogurt Tart #TuesdayswithDorie

  5. Lovely tart! I agree that the recipe could have made it clearer, that this tart was not going to brown. I did enjoy it and would love to give it a try using full fat yogurt. I took mine out of the oven as soon as the custard was not jiggling.
    Kathy recently posted..TWD ~ Baked Yogurt Tart

  6. Looks great with the blueberries. Great idea to combine it with lemon zest. I liked this tart a lot.
    SandraM recently posted..TWD-Baked Yogurt Tart

  7. I wish I had gone with my gut feeling and added zest (or something!) to the filling. Your tart looks lovely. I too went the blueberry route – picked up three quarts from the farmer’s market – perfect timing.
    cathleen recently posted..TWD: Baked Yogurt Tart

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