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Mother Nature: 1, Frederick Gardener: 0


There seems to be a new kind of March Madness this year. No, not the basketball kind. They say that March “comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb.” (They also say the reverse. Thanks for clouding the issue, Wikipedia!) Anyway, if that is true, then the lamb must look like this. We had a VERY cold week, a dusting of snow on Saturday night, and sleet pinged off the windows this afternoon.

So the weather has not been kind to my seedlings or my seeds. I brought some of them inside, but the ones in the ground are on their own. Now don’t yell at me. I know I put them in early. I only planted the varieties that say, “start in early spring, as soon as the ground can be worked.” But there seems to be a pretty big range of “cold-hardiness” for these plants. The romaine, arugula, broccoli rabe and kale seem to be toughing it out. However, the spring onions are droopy and the leaf lettuces are dead or dying (except for the ones I planted on the salad table, which are holding their own.) The seeds I planted (cabbage, radishes and peas) are MIA.

So, what did I learn this week? Mother Nature can be fickle. Patience is a virtue (one I generally ignore). And if none of these plants live through the cold March weather, I’ll just plant more. Besides, I have enough seeds to replant at least a half-dozen times. More about my seed pack obsession some other time.

As I write this, cold drizzle is coming down outside. Momma Nature is showing us who's boss. I get it. You're in charge. Can the sun come back out and play now?

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  1. “Nothing goes in the ground until after Good Friday”…words of wisdom from my Mother. My Aunt Savannah echoes this sentiment and at 85, she can still out-garden me any day of the week. JG

  2. The first asparagus sprouts got frost bite, but we covered them with leaf mulch, and there are already others popping up! I haven’t put anything else out yet, but I have some things on the sun porch waiting…and waiting…
    Warm weather is coming soon though, I promise! Hang in there!
    I got a new onion to try this year – “Candy”. It’s named after my dog, how could I resist?

    • I got smart and didn’t plant any other seedlings. They are still in flats out on the patio, where I can baby them.
      I love buying new seeds and trying new varieties.

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