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In the Merry, Merry Month of May…


May is my favorite time of year in the garden. I've been busy enjoying the garden and haven't spent much (okay, any) time blogging about it. Let me tell you why it's the best month to garden.

First of all, some of my favorite veggies are coming in right now: kale, spinach and arugula (a favorite of our Prez.) We've been eating salads and sauteing greens like there's no tomorrow. I even tried the creamed spinach recipe from my trusty How to Cook Everything app. Here are the ingredients. Plus, this just might be the most amazing kale recipe ever: Tuscan Kale with Shallots and Crisp Salami. Don't be scared of the multiple steps. It is completely worth the time. Pick (or buy) way more kale than you think you need, because you will fight with your spouse for the last bits.

Second, garden pests are still marshalling their forces, but haven't begun their all-out assault on the greenery. Plus, the mosquitoes aren't out yet. Have I mentioned how much mosquitoes love me?

Third, it's early enough that there's still time to plant summer veggies and start seeds. I still haven't planted my tomatoes and peppers. We're going away over the Memorial Day weekend, and I won't be around to water the young plants. I'll put them in after the holiday. Actually, it's great for to have some new plants to look forward to. I've figured out that I love the potential of the garden more than I love the results of it.

Besides, a garden never stands still. It's always moving. By July, it'll be running way ahead of me as I fight to keep up. But right now, I can still pretend that I won't fall behind, and that this will be the best year ever. And that's why I love the month of May.

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